Kyler's poems

By: Kyler


I wake up smelling hot and steaming chili,

I go to get my bowl for some yummy chili.

I take a taste it is fullof flavor with different spices,

The warm juicy chili is so yummy in my tummy,

It was so hot i burnt my tongue

The spices and meat

Just expolding in my mouth.

That chili was so good,

It was like angels coming out of the sky.

I cant wait for tomorrows dinner!

I hope we are haveing chili.

My chili was so hot

I had to drink milk just to cool it off.

I am making my mom go to the store,

to get more supplies for chili

I need tomorrow to come qwick

that way i can have my chili!

The Cat and the Dog-Limerick

The little kitty cat hit the hat

The bar fell on the kitty cat

The dog comes flying past

The little kitty cat took a nape

The blue tick hound fond another cat

The Big Dog- Haiku

The dog chased the cat,

The cat hid under the car,

The cat got eatin


Hannah had a homemade ham,

Her harry hand had hips her hipo,

Had helium witch has ham.

My house-Couplet

I walked in my house

I saw a mouse

the mouse ran away

next thing i know im dead

My name is gus i ran into my truck

next thing i know the bus is down town

The zombie duck ran into my truck

My truck ran way and said Hey!


When the moon comes out

da great stone is ready to dance,

When the stone goes the fire goes

To the rest to the club to the

apartment.,The stone dances with the fire.

Saturday day night-Similes and metaphors

Saturday night I am going skating.

I am going as fast as if i am driving a truck.

You get to go as fast as a hourse and as slow as a turtle

after going fast i stop to get some water. I can glide

faster then a thunder storm.The night ends at 10:30

i hand in my skates and leave. Ready for next time