By John Corey Whaley

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Book Review by Corey Henderson

Some people say you only can die once, others may disagree. Travis is living proof that you can die more than once. He has been in and out the hospital since his sophomore year of high school. After five years of being in cryogenic sleep (they cut your head off and freeze it) , Travis is taking another shot at life. The main character is Travis Coates, a 16 year old teenager, that has a new body. He has lost all his friends because he was in cryogenic sleep. They did not stop ageing, so they were in theirs twenties. So he tries to reunite with them but so much has changed and they have moved on with their lives.

I like to think that Travis and I are alike. We both do not want to be forgotten about or pity for. We also are very curious and will not give up easily. My favorite part of the book is when he is checking out the new body he got. He was saying some funny and inappropriate things about his body. I do not like to read a lot but, this is the best book i ever read.

I would recommend this book to guys and people that do not read at all. I do not think a girl would like to read this, you can. Its a lot of a dirty jokes and guy things.

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