The New Toothbrush for Space


The Astrobrush is still in process of being approved

The Astrobrush is a unique toothbrush designed specifically for astronauts. It utilizes the zero gravity feature in space to it's advantage!

For sale in the near future from $60 - $100

Benefits of the Astrobrush

- Amount of time spent brushing teeth is shortened

- Utilizes less energy and labor than regular toothbrushes

- Reusable and Eco-friendly

Why should you invest in this toothbrush?

The production costs for making the astrobrush are extremely minimal. The estimated profit is at a minimum of 50% (around $30) per toothbrush. The branding can also be eco-friendly, and waste free, attracting a large audience of astronauts.

The Astrobrush is guaranteed to make your pearly whites shine brighter than a star in outerspace

ISNA High Dealers

Contact Sheeza Nishat and Anam Khaja for purchase or investments.