Hennessey ECC

August 19-23

Shout Outs!!!

Our first full week has been a success! Very few tears for our kiddos, and mommas seem to be okay with the transition of leaving their babies! That is a reflection of you and your patience and loving way to help everyone transition smoothly.

Jennifer Wymore, thank you so much for being a team player and stepping up to the plate for our school and students. You definitely are a positive example and I am so glad you are on our team! Mrs. Martin thank you for your willingness to share her with us! You guys are great!

A Child's Life is Like a Piece of Paper on Which Every Person Leaves a Mark!

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Just a reminder:

  • Paras have a meeting with Ginger Cox in Mrs. Vangee's class at 2:10 Friday.
  • Please help each other to put the cones out to help block the stree during dismissal.
  • Paras-let your teacher that you work with know when you will be gone. Their lesson plans may depend on whether you will be there or not.
  • Please remind students to not push on the soap dispenser too hard. Let us know if the soap dispenser needs to be refilled.
  • I have our keynote speaker, Kevin Honeycutt's book in my office if you would like to read it.

Eagle's Nest

August 19-23


Great Day @ ECC!


Lockdown 1:10


Building Leadership Team 3:30


Intruder Drill 1:10

Baby Hurst Shower 3:30


Eagle Rally! (Rapp)

Friday Collaboration-Grade Level Planning

Fire Drill 1:10