By Ann Aguirre

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Gangs started around the early 1800's. There are three types of gangs: Ethnic, Turf, and Prison. Ethnic gangs are against a certain group of people. Turf gangs are about the territory they control, like the Wolves in Enclave. Prison gangs are gangs started in prisons. By the 1860's, there were over 100,000 gang members in New York City alone, where Enclave takes place.


690,000 people experience homelessness at any given night in the U.S. A survey of 29 cities in the U.S. found that the homeless population has increased by 6% in the last year. 26% of homeless people have some sort of mental illness. 12% of the homeless people are veterans.


Pandemics occur when an infectious disease, like the one that forced the enclaves underground, spreads rapidly to many people in more than one region. An example of a real-life pandemic is the Spanish Influenza, which killed 40-50 million people in less than 2 years.