Dr. Howard Marans

Dr. Howard Marans: Why do you need orthopedic care?

Machines can’t operate properly when some of its parts/systems are broken, right? It’s just the same with the human body. Everything must be in the right place and must function accordingly.

Have you ever wondered what system in your body is responsible whenever you raise your arm? Or every time you run or jump? It is none other than the musculoskeletal system, which contains muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues that allow you to lift an arm, or run across the street.

It’s one of the most wondrous system in the human body. Your range of motion or ability to move can become limited when something goes wrong within the system. You should seek out orthopedic care when this happens. Dr. Howard Marans is one of the most trusted professional in the field of orthopedic care.

Orthopedic care is a field in medicine that’s centered on identifying, treating, and preventing injuries, diseases, and ailments that trouble the musculoskeletal system of the body.

Orthopedic care can be applied in both non-surgical and surgical ways to treat a broad range of illnesses that affect the musculoskeletal system, which can hamper an individual’s ability to move freely and experience a better wellbeing. Examples of the common problems orthopedic care treats in an individual include congenital disorder, degenerative diseases, infections, musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, and tumors.

There are a lot of techniques in orthopedic care that can be used to take care of musculoskeletal ailments; it includes surgical and non-surgical procedures, splints and traction.

It’s revealed that orthopedic care has made great advances in the battlefields. Surprisingly, field surgeons would use clothes dipped in horse blood during the middle ages to apply early splints to wound limbs. After the clothes dried, they would tighten and provide support to damaged limbs.

In 1950s, the external method of splinting and supporting fractured limbs were improved by American field surgeons and Russian doctors during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, science allows orthopedic care to fuse materials right to fractured limbs to give the best support for proper realignment.

Some are convinced that orthopedic care is simply about fractured bones, but it’s not, it’s also centered on repairing the tendons and ligament that connect muscle to bone or provide stability to joints. Both invasive ‘open’ surgeries can be carried out to reattach torn tendons in the joints or heal ligaments. In 1950s, better and less invasive Arthroscopy was developed to permit doctors to operate on people with musculoskeletal issues without exposing their internal organs and systems to harmful pathogens.

Others believe that the only purpose of orthopedic care is to diagnose and treat injuries; again, it’s not. People who develop degenerative diseases, or those who are born with congenital disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system can also seek orthopedic care of Howard Marans MD. A disease of a more molecular nature is infecting and damaging the system of these individuals.