Why get jobs in high school?

By: Eric Moreno

Why get a job?

Well in high school you should get a job, because when you want a job in the future you will have the skills to do the job you want. You also get a job in high school because if you work in a group you'll learn how to work with other people.


You need a job to pay for your stuff like clothes, car, gas, and more..... A lot More and I mean a lot. you can buy the stuff you want the stuff you need and save the rest for when you retire because you are going to need because you will not have a job.

why not get a job

If you don't get a job some things might happen, you'll ask people for money and they wont give it to you, or you'll live with your mom forever until you get a job or they kick you out.

why else to not get a job

you would be poor, you wont have friend you wont get to do anything because you wont have any money to go do what you want, so that's why you should get a job.

my opinion

My opinion would to get a job you will have money have clothes, shoes a house and more. you can finally move on with you life, you can have a kids and take care of them because you will have money so that is pretty good if I had a job so its up to you, you get a job and have a happy life, or you don't have a life and do nothing with yourself.