Solar Panels

By Nathan & Meghan

Question 1: What are solar panels?

Solar panels are panels that attract sunlight and emmit electricity and heat. They can power things like ceiling fans and lamps. They come in a rectangular shape and are installed in a certain way to produce electricity.

Solar power plants are power plants where lots of solar panels are set up together to create electricity. There are two types: photovoltaic (solar cell) plants and solar thermal power plants. The top five are located around Spain, Germany and Portugal.

Question 2: Who invented solar panels?

The first practical photovoltaic cell was designed by Bell Laboratories' scientists Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chaplin in Murray Hill, New Jersey. They first successfully trialed it on October 4th, 1955, in a telephone carrier.

The people in New Jersey spent more money on solar technology research than the federal government. Elliot Berman, inventor of technology to print solar-electric surfaces on thin photographic film had convinced the huge energy complex to "use solar energy or face extinction when oil runs out" according to an article.

Question 3: Where are solar panels used?

The top six countries that use solar panels are:

  • The Czech Republic at No.6
  • USA at No.5
  • Japan at No.4
  • Italy at No.3
  • Spain at No.2
  • and Germany at No.1

Australia comes in 8th place.

Solar power plants are usually located in rural, isolated places. There are solar power plants in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Australia, India and more.

Question 4: When were solar panels invented?

In 1950, Bell Labs produce solar cells for space activities. And in 1953, Gerald Pearson begins research into lithium silicon cells. On April 25th 1954, Bell Labs announces the invention of the first practical solar cell.

Solar energy has been thought about before that. 1839: the photovoltaic effect was discovered by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel. 1923: Albert Einstein got the Nobel Prize for theories about the photoelectric effect.

Question 5: Why do people use solar panels?

There are a number of reasons why people use solar panels. Firstly, they're not bad for the environment because they don't release harmful emissions. Also, You'll be one step ahead of stopping climate change.

They're also useful economically. If you install solar panels, it will be a solid home investment because you can save money. Did you know, you can make money by selling the excess energy!

Question 6: How are solar panels eco-friendly?