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Young Living Lovin - January 2016


Whether you're reading this hung over or after a 10 mile run as per your resolution that starts today, I hope you've got your heart set on a promising new year ahead.

I'm actually not a "new year's resolutions" kind of gal because I believe any change you desire can start at any given moment and on any given day. That said, I love a clean slate and I always enjoy how Day One of every new year represents that clean slate.

May this year's slate be filled with healthy happiness and happy health for you and your loved ones!

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A Note on Monthly Promos...

Every month YL offers generous promos where if you spend a certain PV (dollar), you qualify for free oils and products. The easiest way to reach the PV promo is to ASK YOUR FRIENDS if they want to take advantage of your 24% off wholesale member discount and add their order to yours. This is NOT selling YLEOs. It's simply sharing your discount. If you're already ordering for yourself, why not ask your friends if they need a bottle or two? I mean, who doesn't need Thieves, Lavender, or Stress Away in their life?! I wanted to throw this out there in case 190PV+ seemed unattainable.
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About Me

My journey into Young Living Essential Oils is truly one of my most favorite surprises of adulthood. Physically and emotionally, I have found my happy place in them, and my energy and energetic outlook is forever changed for the healthier. I am always so proud to share what has become a full-blown passion of mine with others.

Call/text/email me with ANY questions. If I don't already know the answer, my unapologetic oily nerd self will happily find it and file away the new knowledge.