The American Goldfinch

A flier by Alissa Gabriel


The American Goldfinch prefers open country areas, such as plains, meadows, or fields. It can also be found in orchards, gardens, or open wood areas. The American Goldfinch migrates in both Spring and Autumn, but its preferred habitat remains the same.

Color Patterns

During the spring, male American Goldfinches are bright yellow with a black forehead, black wings marked with white, and patches of white around their tail feathers. Adult females are a duller shade of yellow with olive on their back. In winter the American Goldfinch is brown with black wings that have two pale wing bars.
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American Goldfinches have a bouncy flight pattern, in which they fly up in down in a sort of wave. They mostly eat seeds off of dandelions, thistles, and other plants, during which they balance themselves on plants' seedheads to pluck the seeds out.
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Like many other birds, the American Goldfinch goes through a yearly molting cycle. It grows new feathers in order to keep warm, stay dry, and make flight easier.