Come to Kansas for settling!

by Isaiah Epp

A good land for farm land

Many people have came to Kansas already and had economic success just off of farming. Some say its even better than clearing a forest for a year and it gets you profit right away. If your having troubles out south just to get good land, then come on up to Kansas where the grass is green and the soil is rich and where your profit grows.

Land for a good price

If your down south trying to find land but all the places you look is overly expensive. Well then come to Kansas where land is only 1.25 an acre. But if you don't have much money or no money at all you could just farm the land for 5 years for only $10. Then after that five years you can have the title to that land outright.


You must be 21 or older.

Maximum of land you can get is 160 acres.

Must have proved you have improved the land for 5 years.

Good communities

Now if your a torn African American freed slave, there is a lot success and promise on this side of the country. Many communities have been formed that are African American communities and would love to have your farming company. Such as the many cities that are banked across the Missouri river. Don't worry about getting across the river the ferries will assure you that they will get you to the other side. About $5 a ride.

Hope you can come, have a nice trip.