Online Bullying

Be safe. Be smart.

What is Online Bullying?

Online bullying is simply another term for 'Cyber-bullying'. Online Bullying is the manipulation of the Internet and related technologies whereby one harms or harasses another person(s) in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. Such practices can be as minor as posting a rumor or gossiping about someone on the Internet. It can be as major as posting extremely personal material associated with the victim. We live in a society where such technologies are ever-advancing and as a result, Online Bullying has become an increasingly common issue, especially amongst teenagers.

Avoid. Aware. Apply.

Avoid: It is human instinct to try and even up with the opposing individual. However, little do we know that this will make the situation even worse! Therefore, you must not retaliate or converse similarly with the bully. Responding or getting back at them would only empower the bully to keep behaving in an inappropriate manner. Instead, ignore what they are saying, control yourself rather than of promoting a whole cycle of aggression.

Aware: You need to know that it isn't your fault! Bullies will repetitively do cruel things for no good reason so you mustn't blame yourself. Put an end to this by saying 'STOP'. It is important to make your position completely clear to the bully. That is, you don't like this treatment being conflicted upon yourself. If all goes in vain, block the bully and make sure that your account is private and protected - do not under any circumstances share your password with anyone, even your closest friends.

Apply: Save all evidence, everything from minor comments to major threats. This can be kept in case things escalate and can be shown to trusted people who can help such as your parents, friends or a trusted adult. You can even consider reporting the issue to school authorities and even the police (with a parent or guardian). It wouldn't hurt to even report all conversations or posts regarding the issue to the online/application service either.

Be a friend, not a bystander. Just watching and forwarding mean messages can reinforce the bully's actions. Support the victim and report the situation.

Be civil to one another even if you dislike the individual. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

How to Beat Cyberbullies