A Christmas Carol

Past, Present, and future Ghosts

Stave 1:

Marley comes in scrooge's dream, and tells him that he will be visited by these ghosts. These ghosts will be called Past, Present and Future. Scrooge's nephew stops by and invites scrooge to christmas will this family, but scrooge was being a grinch and just kept saying bah humbug.

Stave 2: Ghost of christmas Past

The first ghost was christmas past, and most people believe this ghost was a girl. The ghost wore a white robe and had a flame on her head, and she carried a metal cap. The first stop on their list was scrooge's bordering school, where he read inside all alone. As christmas break rolled around, and his sister barged in. You can come home, daddy has been in a great mood. Next thing he knew they were at Fizziwigs. He was throwing a party. The spirit wanted to show how good of a boss Fizziwig was compared to scrooge, so that maybe he will change his ways.

Stave 3: Ghost of Christmas Present

The second ghost was a big man in a green coat, and had a wreath on his head. This ghost showed him around the town. They went to bob cratchit's to show him if he doesn't change his ways then Tiny Tim is going to die. Next they went to see his nephew and he was getting into the game. All the sudden everyone started to make fun of him. e was also shown the two kids of man. Their names are Ignorance and want. The Ghost showed him this so he would be nicer to people, and not be ignorance or all about him.

Stave 4: Ghost of Christmas Future

All you could see of ghost of christmas future was one hand, and he didn't talk he just pointed. One of the places that they went to was to see the people he worked with. Scrooge had just "died" and these man were saying they would only go to his funeral if their was food.

Stave 5:

He wakes up and wants to know what day it is. He talks to a boy and learns that it is christmas day. Then Scrooge tell bob Crotchit that he is going to give him a raise, and to go home to his family. Finally he goes to his Nephew house and has dinner with him and spends christmas with his family. The moral of the story is that it's never to late to change your ways.