litter is a



litter is a problem in our school and even homes and schools it affects our environment if we spot this our will clare and it will look nice but if keep on throwing rubbish this keep on continuing and this will be bad for the school sometimes our school is clare and sometimes it dirly and full of rubbish and it looks bad for our school and the rubbish kills the aminals which the rubbish gos dowe the drams pete the pelcan was

victem he sollew 17 plact bags but sedlee he die. Our data shows that the role models of our school are not showing good behaviour. May 2003 a young platypus saved his own life by over coming his shyness. he was named lucky after this dreadful incident. A other heartbreaking event occured in kans a whale swalloed a 6m2 of plastic which was found in his stoumch

we need to stop this killing machine it is making lots of acidents for animals and human beens. At F.P.S we suryed our school to see how much people litter in our school. our data shows that 53% of students say that they litter and 45% say they don't.these are the main reasons why they litter ''i am to busy playing'' i don't care ''i am not bortherd'' and am lazy. 148 responses morjority of students say they litter only 1-2 times per week.Plastic is an issue for our school, Plastic takes 1000 years to break down and glass takes 100000 years to break down. We can make our school the cleanest in NSW,and Australia we be a nice place and a better community. And our Environment and our Education will be a safe and clean place.