Bombing of Pearl Harbor

By- Christian, Kathryn, Rachel, and Tyler

Why Did it Happened?

  • Japanese wanted a surprise attack on the US to disable US fleet while Japan forces launched invasions into Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands

When and Where it Happened

This event occurred December 7, 1941 At 7:55 AM through 9:45 AM, In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

What Went Down?

  • The Japanese commanded planes to drop a Bomb onto 1 of the U.S.A.s navy defense base, Pearl Harbor.
  • Mostly planes and submarines were used

The Effects of Pearl Harbor

  • 28 Japanese planes got shot down and 5 Japanese midget submarines were sunk. ]
  • The US sided with the Allies.
  • 11 American ships were destroyed and 188 American planes were destroyed.
  • Pearl harbor was bombed
  • 68 civilians were killed and 35 wounded
  • did not attack oil storage, subarine bases, and the repair facilities

Who was involved?

Japan and US
  • Japans leader was Isoroku yamamoto