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Vanakkam chennai review

Plot Summary : A fraudster fraudulently, Ajay and Anjali are forced to stay in the same flat. Gradually warm to each other, they start getting ideas of love, but Deepak, a tribute to the future, the arrival puts them in a dilemma. Review : Hello Chennai ROM- com genre sub- types of uses - triangular love story. Here, Anjali ( Priya Anand ), vanakkam chennai songs the London-born Tamil woman who came to India, she married Deepak ( Rahul ) married or Ajay ( Shiva ) to express his love for make-up in her mind, with whom vanakkam chennai songs he shared his flat. It is this that has brought them together in the first place is flat.

Ajay comes to Chennai from his village, and a tribute to the elusive tion ( film ), a small -time vanakkam chennai songs swindler flat for rent as well. Their relationship starts off on a wrong note, but circumstances force them to stay together. Not surprisingly, one of them vanakkam chennai songs falls in love with Ajay Narayan seeking help. Tributes were also warms up Ajay, Deepak arrival only puts her in a dilemma. Romantic comedy is a genre where you enter the theater knowing that the outcome is going to be - the guy gets the girl.

Hello Chennai belongs somewhere in the middle - elegant and enjoyable to an extent, but it can be judged. In fact, most of the time, reminding us that this is a romantic comedy as well as a holding Anirudh 's background. Anjali letting him see you for the first time when Ajay flat, a stone and you immediately have to fight for their rights in both knew vanakkam chennai songs that. Also, due to the decision that they should be trusted no one. President of their apartment, the man and wife who mistakes the inspector Chandra ( a wasted incarnation ), they simply accept it when they argue their case to go to the police station ! But both are good enough to run one - their battles gradually turn playful and friendly, and when you start getting ideas Ajay love, it 's not a surprise.

Ajay is also a tribute to the awareness of love's Minnale, a young man in love with a woman who is involved in another film with a clear nod, well conveyed. However, you have to wade through a lot of padding that is Ajay's hillside village, Narayanan comedy tracks, and paints the picture of a few songs, the detour it, though catchy, without the need to develop things.

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