ENSC Weekly Notes

April 11, 2016

Welcome Back!

This week begins with April 11 and leaves us with just seven weeks of school until summer break! This is the earliest summer break begins in many, many years. It certainly helped to have a mild winter, but eLearning made a difference.

I hope over the last two weeks you were able to take time for yourself and do something for you! Working in the field of education, whether that is teaching, driving a bus, preparing meals, or caring for our buildings, you are in a stressful environment where expectations are high.

Everyday, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for all you do for our students, families, and communities.

Thirty five more school days. Let's make these days our students' best days.


While most of us were away for spring break, the tech folks were working hard to install New projectors in classroom.

Thanks you Josh, Jeremiah, Lillian, JD, Austin McCulloch, and Kaleb Cook for the countless extra hours you spent hanging new LCD projectors at SS, NS, WC, and ENHS? They worked really hard to get this accomplished during break. A big task that will impact your instruction for students.


In addition to our tech staff, our maintenance and custodial staff worked diligently to clean buildings and complete some bigger maintenance tasks. The Cole Auditorium received new lighting that was installed by our maintenance staff.

There are so many "behind the scenes" people who are constantly working to create positive, safe, and healthy learning environments for our students!

Thank you to all of these folks for their efforts!!!

2016-2017 Teacher Challenge

How can you change your instruction or a school structure to involve students in more authentic learning where they are developing their collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills.

How do you make school not look like "traditional" school?

Don't Forget: The Retirement/Teacher of the Year Dinner is May 23!

Flex Day - April 25.

Monday, Aprl 25 is a Flex Day. This means eLearning for students and professional development for staff. Please be sure to remind and inform your students. If you send newsletters or information to families, include this information.

Have a Great Week!