My Life experience

Green Smoke Changed My Life

I have been a smoker for the past 25 years of my life. I started smoking during the time of high school. At that time is was an occasional smoker. I use to smoke only when my friends were around me. According to me at that time smoking of cigarettes in front of friends would make me proud and it kind of provide me with the superiority complex. When I moved to college this habit of mine grew and slowly and gradually I became addicted to these cigarettes.

I used to consume around 1 to 1.5 pack of cigarettes a day. These cigarettes comprises of various dangerous chemicals due to which my health degrades continuously. My friends do not allow me to smoke in their houses or car. The only reason behind it was the smell that was caused to the burning of these cigarettes. One of my closed friend suggested me to switch to electronic cigarette and the brand is referred me was Green Smoke.

At that time inquired about these electronic cigarettes in order to know what exactly they are. I came to know that the best way to start on to these devices is by an e cig starter kit or disposable e cig that are offered by the brand. I opted to go for Pro starter kit in order to being my vaping experience. According to the brand Pro kit is the best way to start ones smoke free life. When my product arrived I was super happy and was eager to use it.

Oh man!!! These cigarettes were exactly same as mine regular tobacco cigarettes. I simply love the taste and freshness of the flavor of these smokeless cigarettes. These are great device and best in order to cut down nicotine level. I really want to thank Green Smoke for changing my life.