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Who Are We?

Why, we're Sha-Pen, of course! An art and cosplay duo based in Malaysia that originated 2009. Our two members are Ili and Maru and Sha-Pen often goes to cons across the country.

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Some Basic Q & A

  • So who are you guys?
    Did you not read the "Who Are We?" up there. Shame on you.

  • Tell me more. <O> <O>
    We're both students, currently in our final year of high school. Ili plans on pursuing illustration and Maru wants to do video game design and voice talent.

  • Why are your styles so different?
    Why can't they be? If anything, Ili's style is semi-realistic and inspired by western comics, whereas Maru's leans a bit more towards anime.

  • I really like your stuff! Where can I buy them?
    Sha-Pen appears exclusively at Malaysian conventions at the moment. You can find us at Comic Fiesta, sometimes at Animangaki or C2Age. We don't really do international orders at the moment, but if there's a demand we'll try our best to fill it!

  • What do you have planned next?
    Ili wants to do a sketchbook, they're also planning on making a comic book about superheroes or something. We might start doing more original content in the future, depending on how things go. You can find out more at our blog, it's semi-regularly updated!

  • Why are these questions and answers so silly? :/
    Because Maru wrote them, what did you expect dude. ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄ー ̄)┘

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See you at Comic Fiesta 2013!