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Our yearly 3-Day Parent Practicums offer encouragement, inspiration, and equipping to parents and interested educators. Each summer, parents at all stages of the homeschooling journey spend three days delving into the underlying philosophy and the practicalities of the classical model; then, we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into a specific subject, discovering the truths behind the facts and becoming students ourselves. We learn new ideas and vocabulary, we begin to understand how to identify and fill in the gaps in our own educations, and we wrestle with big ideas in the company of a like-minded community; in short, we practice learning classically! As an added bonus, we get to model the skills of learning for our children; we show them how exciting it is to learn new ideas and demonstrate that learning is a lifelong pursuit.
Welcome to "Navigating History" - Parent Practicum 2016!


Monday, June 13th, 9am to Wednesday, June 15th, 4pm

4051 East University Avenue

Georgetown, TX

Daily Schedule

8:45 am - Drop off children at Fun Academic Camps

9 am - Morning Adult Session

12 pm - Pick up children, Enjoy Lunch (bring a sack lunch or grab a something nearby)

1 pm - Drop children back off, Adult Afternoon Session/Academic Orientation for Tutors

4 pm - Pick up children from Fun Academic Camps

Bring your children to our Fun Academic Camps

CC Practicum Student Camps!
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