Mrs. Macchia's First Grade Class

Week of October 17th, 2022


Tuesday, October 18th is our Content Night and Report Card pick up from 4:00-6:00pm at the school. Please note that I am required to have a grown up from each family sign for their child's 1st 9 week report card and the school compact. I am hoping to see everyone here. Thank you! If you would like to have the opportunity for a more formal conference, please let me know.

This Week:

If your child has already reached their independent reader certification, they are bringing home 2 new books from the library every day. Please make sure your child is reading their books at night and that they are ready to take an AR test in the morning.

If your child is still working toward their independent reader certification, they will have an opportunity to read books in the classroom in order to take an AR test. They will also take home a reading folder with a new book and some activities to complete at home each week. Please be sure to read with your child and sign your child's folder!

Thank you for your help and support as we work together to create strong readers!


Students will make predictions and ask questions to help further their understanding of the books we are reading.


Throughout the week we will read many books. Here are some of the books we will read this week.
Kids Books Read Aloud - That Is Not a Good Idea! | Children's Fun Bedtime Stories | Mo Willems
This is not my hat | Jon Klassen | Fan's animated book |

Sight Words

First graders need to know an assortment of sight words in order to help them read. By the end of the school year, our students should know the 1st 100 Fry sight words.

This week we are focusing on the words: your, day

Big picture


We will have a spelling test this week. Please practice these words with your children in order to prepare them for the spelling test on Friday. Thank you!

The spelling words this week are: go, am, wet, him, ten, nest, spot, black, trip, with

Phonics and Grammar

We will be reviewing letter names and sounds that we learned in Kindergarten and moving beyond the basic sounds to include digraphs, trigraphs, blends, and so much more. This week we are focusing on the a_e, i_e, and u_e spelling patterns and contractions.

We are identifying verbs and nouns.

ABC Fun | Alphabet Letters and Sounds | Science of Reading | Phonics Song | EduTunes With Miss Jenny
Open & Closed Syllables - As It Was - Harry Styles (Parody)

Handwriting and Writing

Everyone will be receiving a Path of Motion paper explaining the best way to form the letters. When you are practicing with your children, please use this as a reference to help your child form their letters properly.

We have a handwriting book that we will be working in and each child will have a journal to write in.

We are writing complete sentences.

Sentence Song (US Version)


This week in math we are continuing our study of place value and number values. We are also adding numbers to 20.

Social Studies

Students will learn about good citizens in American History.


This week we will learn about how objects move through pushing, pulling, and with the use of magnets.