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Classical Conversations Information Meetings in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers Area

Considering homeschooling? Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to give your child a love of learning! Classical Conversations can equip you as the parent to teach your child the lost tools of learning that will be used for the rest of their lives. Imagine having the confidence of knowing that your child can learn anything they wish! They can....we can show you how the classical model, applied with a Christian worldview, in community with others will give them the skills needed to succeed in our rapidly changing world. Join us for an Information Meeting that will give you an overview of what the classical model is, how we reflect all that we learn back to our Creator and Sustainer, and how the community can help encourage you and help you stay the course.

We're here to serve you!

May 31st @10am in Cape Coral. Please contact Leia Ruff at lruff@classicalconversations.com for location.

June 21st @10am in Fort Myers. Please contact Leia Ruff at lruff@classicalconversation.com for location.

Classical Conversations Christian Homeschool Program Explained

Contact your local Support Representative:

Leia Ruff: lruff@classicalconversations.com or 239-222-0632
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