Africa Rainforest

By: Kaitlyn Rigdon

Africa Rainforests

The rainforest is home to half of the continents animals. The Baka people believed that the rainforest is their parent. The Central AFrica Congo Basin is the 2nd largest rainforest in the world.

Rainforest Animals

The rainforest is home to many many animals. some that live in the rainforest climate is the Blue monkey, Chameleon, Fruit Bat, Hummingbird, and the Rainbow Lizard.

Ethnic Groups in the Region

The group of people that live in the rainforest are called the Baka people. The Baka people are located in Cameroon. They do not practice set religious ceremonies, they use the spirit world. The most respected occupations is traditionally hunting. The Baka people rarely use guns, but if they do, they borrow from another person and pay them not with money, but with the some of the meat that they kill.

The Enviroment

Deforestation and road construction have wiped out 90% of the rainforest. But the 6 countries of the Congo Basin are creating a watchdog system to track down poachers and logging.

Physical Features

There are many landforms in the Rainforest, some including the Congo River Basin, The Great Rift Valley, Waterfalls, and Mount Margherita. Some of these landforms are very helpful for the Baka, for example, waterfalls are very helpful for providing fresh water for survival.