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- Evaluation of the intensity

The intensity of exercise may at its sole discretion to review the easy, moderate, intense and over:

Easy exercises . It is characterized by almost constant rhythm of breathing, a person does not start to sweat, and you can while the activity is perfectly normal speaking or even singing.

Moderate exercise. For moderate exercise is breathing rapidly, a person is not running out of breath. After ten minutes of the activities a person starts sweating, you can still talk, but can no longer sing 100% money back guarantee
If you want to lose weight, you need to pay attention to your heart rate during exercise remains within the range of moderate interventionist, that will amount to 50 to 70 percent of maximum heart rate.
Intense exercise. Intensive training for those who carry it out, presents a challenge. Breathing becomes deep and rapid, the person starts sweating heavily after a few minutes the implementation of training and speaks only with difficulty.

Excessive exercise. Ensure that the training you do not speak too soon and too much intense exercise will not be performed too often. If you start to run out of breath,100% money back guaranteethere is any pain, and you feel that you need to complete your workout earlier than you planned, it means that you exaggerate and overestimate their abilities. The intensity of this type of exercise is for you too, so calm down and go slow. Stoppage intensity gradually.