6th Grade Technology

By; John Nickel

Typing Web

*We almost always have a 5 minute typing warm-up

*You have to get to the Advanced course to get a three

*The goal is to try not to look down at your keyboard

Career Locker

*You can create your own avatar

*You could even browse your college choices

*You can also look at career choices


*You had to add different codes to each other and make one huge code that your character runs.

*To get a 3, you needed to complete stages 6-7

*To get a 4, you needed to complete stages 8-9

Haiku Deck

*Haiku Deck lets you customize a slideshow
*You had to make a slideshow about your dream job

*You will have to present your slideshow in front of the class


*During this unit, we had to make an Trailer about a random thing

*We could not use pictures off of the internet

*This taught us camera skills and control

Explain Everything

*We had to make a presentation about a math problem

*You have to have a voice over

*This helped with our Explain Everything skills