Arizona Trip with Gordon and WDE

School Visits - Sunnyside, Vail, and Dystart

Dr I Sunnyside Story final

Sunnyside - Day 1 of 3

We meet with the superintendent and other members of leadership. We visited one elementary school and high school. The high school had a freshman academy that was separate from the 10-12 graders and focused on the transition to High School. We also received their technology of Matrix.
Vail Unified School District, "Did You Know?"

Vail School District - Day 2 of 3

This day started off with a brief introduction of Beyond Textbooks. We were able to see the focus of the district and the use of technology for learners. We visited:
  • Vail Academy and High School which is a K-12 Charter school. The focus here was a hybrid campus where students could do classwork online and on campus.
  • Vail Blended Learning in a strip mall. The students were working online and receiving instruction in an learning environment.
  • Vail Digital Learning was at the Educational Center and student had the opportunity for Online Learning, Credit Recovery, and Alternative programs to suspension.
We then all meet back at the Educational Center for a round table discussion about the programs we say that day. The biggest Ah-Ha was all the ways students can choose to learn and how they support students in technology in their everyday instruction.

In Casa Grande, AZ - AKA Middle of the Desert

This was the one of the exciting moments of the trip. We had to use a couple of navigational systems to find this place. (I rode with Gordon and Joyce, while others rode the bus). When we arrived several individuals were looking for adult beverages and there was none in sight. We had Tacos again for Dinner. The first keynote was Cambridge and talked about the Move forward when Ready legislation. He was pretty good and then a principal from another school talked about her students that have Moved Forward when ready.
However the excitement doesn't end there. We had to drive to Phoenix (another 90+ Minutes). Some members of out group left early and other members had to stay for 90 minutes for another bus to arrive. However they received watered down adult beverages.

Dysart - Day 3 of 3

We started in the board room and was split into three groups. We visited:
  • A technology high school that had some leading advantages in technology. They were also on the Cambridge program.
  • An elementary school that was K-8 and it was a BYOD
It was amazing to see how much the schools do with little money and how they compete with other school within their area for students.
Why We Need Common Core: "I choose C."

20th Century Learner

Here is one video they showed us at the end of the day selling their school district.

Useful Links from the Trip