The Basics of Buddhism

Buddhism is not a religion, it is a practice and work based "idea" instead of being driven by faith. Buddhism was founded by a prince named Siddhartha Guatma from Nepal. He left the palace and saw immense human suffering. He looked for answers on how to free oneself from suffering (dukkha) through eliminating ignorance (avidya) or desire. Their holy text is called Pali Tipikata (Theravada). The only two celebrations are Buddhist New Year and Vesak/Vaisakhi. Tere are four noble truths, these are:

- there is suffering in the world. To live is to suffer. (dukkha)

- the cause of suffering is self-centered desire and attachments. (Tanha)

- the solution is to eliminate desire and attachments. (Nirvana)

- to reach nirvana, one must follow the Eightfold path.