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November 13, 2014

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

  • Nov. 18th World Language Speaking Event 7pm - 9pm

  • Nov. 18th-Faculty Meeting @ 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm

  • Nov. 18th-Tentative date for spring courses to be copied

  • Nov. 19th-Georgia ONmyLINE Information Session 5 pm
  • Nov. 20th-SLDS PD with Dr. Cozart @7:30pm.
  • Dec. 4th - Grade Reporting PD
  • Dec. 9-11- E Portfolio Week PD

December PD Opportunities

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Mentee Minute

Please view the Mentee Minute for news and helpful tips.

Teachers participating in the ePortfolio Week Professional Development series, December 9-11th, will receive an extension on the ePortfolio requirement for Fall 2014. Deadline for ePortfolio will be Friday, December 12th, for those attending the PD series.
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If you are new to GAVS or haven't had a chance to use Symbaloo, consider trying out this online bookmarking tool. Georgia Virtual Learning (GaVL) has its own branded solution which will allow you to receive updates to webmixes as they take place. For new and current users, there is a new webmix for GaVL Staff Resources that you see when you login to Symbaloo.

If you have not set up a GaVL Symbaloo account, please follow the directions below:

  • Go to gavirtuallearning.symbaloo.com.
  • Create an account with your @gavirtualschool.org email address.
  • Only teachers and staff should create an account.
  • Your account will automatically appear under the GaVL branded solution.
  • You will receive any updates to school wide webmixes when they are added.
  • After creating your account, you should immediately see three webmix tabs (Teacher Resources, GAVL Staff Resources, and Student Resources.

For additional information, check out the Symbaloo page in the Teacher Toolbox. If you have questions, please contact kelli.robinson@doe.k12.ga.us

Extension Requests

Be sure to complete the extension request form for all extensions even for short weekend extensions.


NOTE: Please note that when an extension is granted the late work policy is not modified. Regardless of the extended due date, late work deductions should be applied in accordance with the initial assignment due date. Example: A student receives an extension through the end of the day Tuesday following a due date. Assignments submitted through Tuesday will not be penalized, assignments submitted Wednesday will receive a 30% late penalty, assignments submitted Thursday will receive a 40% late penalty, etc.

Synchronous Class

If you have ideas/best practices for encouraging student attendance at synchronous chats please contact maryellen.krueck@gavirtualschool.org. We would like to share your ideas and Best Practices at our upcoming Faculty Mtg.

Final Exam Reminders

    • Teacher Handbook - Early Release of Final Exams

      • Teachers should never offer an early exam without permission from their Department Chair.

      • If a student requests an early exam and has demonstrated he/she has mastered the material or the teacher feels the student is ready for the exam earlier than the scheduled exam days, the teacher may allow him/her to take the final exam.

      • In these cases, the student must have completed all course work prior to taking the early exam.

      • Be sure student/stakeholders know only one attempt at the final exam is allowed and no retake is allowed at the scheduled date, the teacher should provide clear guidance in writing to the student, parent, and facilitator regarding availability of the exam and also enter this information in the communication log for this student.

      • All final grades in course will be released according to schedule. Early exam does not mean early grade release.

      • Very Impt! Notify your department chair/ASI of the plan prior to early exam release.

Milestone EOC

Georgia Milestones End of Course assessments (formerly known as End of Course Tests or EOCTs) and Georgia Milestones End of Grade assessments (grades 3-8) are required by the state of Georgia. For the FY14-15 school year, public school students enrolled in these courses are required to take the EOC assessments to meet the graduation requirement but the grade will NOT count as part of students’ final course average. All students enrolled in the Georgia Milestone EOC courses are required to take a GAVS final exam in addition to the EOC assessments. The final exam will count 20% of students’ final course average.

    • Students in grades 3 through 8 will take an end-of-grade assessment in the content areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies. These tests are administered towards the end of the school year, typically in April or early May.

    • Students at the high school level will take an end-of-course assessment in the following eight courses:

  • Language Arts

    • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition

    • American Literature and Composition

  • Mathematics

    • Coordinate Algebra

    • Analytic Geometry

  • Science

    • Physical Science

    • Biology

  • Social Studies

    • United States History

    • Economics/Business/Free Enterprise

Note: Middle school students who are enrolled in one or more of these courses (EOC) will also take the end-of-course measure. The end-of-course measures are administered at the completion of the course, regardless of the grade level. These measures serve as the final exam for the course, and contribute 20% to the student’s final course grade.

New Free Tools

Teacher Pay

Final invoices will be created and posted by Thursday, November 20. Teachers should expect payment on December 15.