Components of Fitness

By Cierra Francois

Cardiovascular Endurance

You have to have cardiovascular endurance in order to swim laps

Muscular Strength

You need muscular strength in order to lift weights.

Muscular Endurance

To be able to do a lot of push-ups, you have to have muscular endurance.


Doing a split involves having flexibility.

Body Composition

This picture is showing the relative percentage of body fat to lean body mass.


Being able to run fast is having speed.


To be able to do this excise shown in the picture, your body has to be able to change quickly in direction


The lady in the picture is balancing on one leg.


In order to solve something that is shown in the picture, you have to be coordinated.

Reaction time

When you are at the starting line of a race, the way you react to the gun is your reaction time.


You have to have a certain amount of power to lift heavy weights.