Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

Join Scott in his journey on figuring out high school

"We plunged toward the future without a clue." p.3

Scott lives in a small town. Him and his friends start high school and drift apart. Scott is saddened by this. He is also surprised when his mother announces she's pregnant. His older brother Bobby got in trouble and had to live at home for a while.

Our three main characters

Man vs. Self

Scott is upset the most when his friends leave him. One moves, two become jocks, and the last one got a girlfriend and never had time for them. He doesn't know what to do about losing his friends. So instead, he became better friends with Mouth, Lee and Wesley.

Scott's Guilt

When Scott's friend Louden, mainly known as Mouth, tries to commit suicide, he feels responsible since he was the only one who was nice to him. Most people saw Mouth as an annoying freshman.

"Fall seven times, stand up eight"~Chinese Proverb

Scott's Crush

Julia is Scott's crush. According to Scott, Julia got beautiful over the summer. He likes her but he's afraid of her boyfriend Vernon. He tries to join the same clubs as her but it backfires on him. For example, the school paper. Julia was writing a guest column and Scott thought if he joins then they could talk. When he goes to the first meeting, he finds out she was only a guest writer.

High School

Eventually Scott realizes that instead of being afraid, he should do more things. You only go to high school once.
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