The Manning Weekly Newsletter

September 4, 2020

Our Vision

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.

Manning Community,

Well, we did it! Our first full week of learning is in the books! Please know that we presume positive intentions with all our students and families. We know that there were a few speed bumps along the way, and if your student was in class but was marked absent, we will clear the absence. For this week only, because we do know that everyone was getting into the swing of things, we are clearing all absences in the system and marking students present. Beginning Tuesday, 9/4, we start in-person learning for our hybrid students and attendance will be marked as usual. If you get an auto dialer call next week, it's because your student was not where they should be, and you will need to call or email our office to clear the absence. We take the safety of all our students very seriously and it's our responsibility to ensure the safety of your student while they are in our building. If for some reason you feel that your student has been marked absent, but they were in class, please call or email Ms. Melaine Heesacker, Manning's attendance secretary and registrar, at 303.982.8908 or

​Below you will find lots of pertinent information for the upcoming week. We have also included a section dedicated to our Mobile Mustangs and a letter from our district RN, Ms. Erika Townsend, below.

We are so excited to welcome all our in-person learners back to school next week!

Be Well,


Next Week's Schedule 9/7-9/11

  • Monday - NO School - Labor Day
  • Tuesday & Wednesday - Hybrid A in-person
  • Thursday & Friday - Hybrid B in-person
  • Tuesday-Friday - Remote Manning Mustangs online
  • See schedule buttons below

Tutor Time is Back!

Here at Manning we pride ourselves on our accessibility to help and teachers. So, we brought tutor time back!

Students can access every teacher at Manning on Fridays during asynchronous learning, as teacher will hold tutor time during their scheduled office hours.

Teachers will have an open zoom or google meet during those times where students can pop in and access their teacher for help. If a parent desires a meeting with their student's teacher, please schedule this with them via email. We want to give students the chance to "see" their teacher each week in an easy-going environment.

  • 9:55 to 10:40 Online Tutor Time/Office hours: ELA, SS, and Academic Electives
  • 10:40 to 11:25 Tutor Time/Office hours: Science, Math, and Performing Arts

Can't Remember What Drop-off or Pick-up looks like?

Doors will open for check-in screening at 7:50. Your student may begin to line up at that time. We cannot have kids waiting outside the building for extended periods of time.

Traffic Tips

To help improve our afternoon flow of traffic, please consider the following:

  • Those of you who pull into the old bus loop on the north side of the building off of 32nd Avenue, keep in mind you can also keep going past the bus loop and pull into the one way loop in front of the school where it tends to be less congested.
  • You do not need to pick up your student exactly at 3:20. It will take them a few minutes to pack their bag and leave the building. We will provide supervision outside until 3:45. If some of you plan on meeting at 3:40, the staggering of arrival times will significantly reduce congestion.
  • For safety purposes, please have your students get in and out of your car on the passenger side.
  • We encourage carpooling! As students make new friends that live nearby, consider swapping who drives the kids to school. This will help our traffic situation and the environment as well!
  • Some families have arranged to meet their student after school in a nearby area that is off campus and it has worked out well.
  • Drivers, please stay in your vehicle in case we need to move you up.

Special Traffic Notice for Next Week from the city....plan accordingly

West Bound 32nd ave will be closed on Tuesday evening, 9/8 through Wednesday morning 9/9 for work on the I-70 overpass. They have plans to reopen the street at 6am, but have put us on notice that this could be delayed into the morning, which could affect your morning commute to Manning. Please plan accordingly.

Upcoming Dates

  • 9/7 - No School LABOR DAY
  • 9/9 - 19/20 Yearbook pickup 3:30-5:30
  • 9/8-9/9 - Hybrid A in person
  • 9/10-9/11 - Hybrid B in person
  • 9/15 - School Pictures 7:30-12noon (Hybrid A)
  • 9/16 - School Pictures 7:30-12noon (Hybrid B)
  • 9/18 - School Pictures 7:30-12noon (Remote Manning Mustangs)
  • 9/18 - Remote Manning Mustangs pickup materials during pictures
  • 9/18 - No Tutor time - Teacher In-service

Yearbook & Leftover Locker Pickup Event

  • September 9 3:30-5:30 in the Loop on 32nd
  • Drive-thru style event to pickup yearbook & any leftover locker supplies from spring

School Pictures!

Order your picture packets BEFORE picture day!!

  • Tuesday, Sept 15 - Hybrid A
  • Wednesday, Sept 16 - Hybrid B
  • Friday, Sept 18 - Remote Mobile Mustangs

School Material Pickup

Our books, workbooks and other materials are almost all here! We will get these materials to the hybrid kiddos when they return after Labor Day. Mobile Mustang remote learners will get their materials on picture day, 9/18.

  • Hybrid Learners - pickup while at school
  • Mobile Mustang Remote Learners - Pickup materials during School Pictures on 9/18

MAP Testing for MATH

  • 9/9 & 9/10
  • Be sure your student brings their fully charged chromebook to Math class.
  • All math students will take their MAP testing on these 2 days while in the building. Mobile mustangs will take theirs in their math classes this week as well.

Attendance Notes

  • If you need to drop off or pickup your student outside of the normal times, please use the front door bell. You will need to have your ID with you at the door and someone will come to the doors with your student, as we cannot allow people in the building at this time.
  • We know this week was tough, getting to the right place, student's had trouble logging in, etc. Please know we have extended grace for attendance this week, in that if they missed a single period or the office heard from you for an absence, we have cleared all other attendance marks.
  • Student attendance will be taken based on following criteria:

    To be counted present, students must:

    • be in the classroom in your seat by the time the bell rings on hybrid days
    • be logged in to class on time on synchronous days, meaning the student is in the zoom link or google chat during the teacher presentation of daily learning
    • complete required assignment by their class time on asynchronous days

    Students will be considered tardy if they log in late, or complete the attendance form after their class time. without communicating with the teacher. Parents, please contact the attendance line at 303-982-6340 attendance line option to report an absence.

  • Attendance will be a day in arrears this year as teachers will have until 3:30 to update and save attendance. Please know you may receive calls if your student was marked for a class. This is your opportunity to make sure your student didn't miss a step and keep that line of communication open between your student and their teachers.

Mobile Mustangs Information Corral

Parents, Guardians, and Community,

This week the "Manning Mobile Mustangs" had a great week of continuing to learn their classmates, their teachers, and problem solving various tech issues. We very much appreciate the support of the parents who are working at home and trying to help their child navigate the schedule and various classes. As we finish our second week online, we hope to move into Labor Day with a strong momentum and we look forward to diving into core curriculum and activities. Thank you for your support of your child and Manning!

Mask Rules

  • All students are required to wear a mask while in the building.
  • No bandanas can be used as a mask
  • Students without a mask will be given one

A Message from our Nurse...

Hello Manning families. I am Erika Townsend, your District RN.
I am here to help all of you navigate the start of this school year as well as possible. Let me remind you of a few things you may have already seen in your district emails:

  • When school starts, please encourage your students to be respectful by wearing masks and physically distancing. These are expectations lined out in the updated code of conduct you signed in Jeffco Connect.
  • Your student will be asked every day “Are you currently sick with a sore throat, runny nose or cough” and have their temperature checked. If they answer YES to any one of these – they are sent to the medical safe room and you are called to pick your student up. If your student shows ANY symptoms of illness, do not send them to school. They will be sent home. I will contact you that day and we will chat about the symptoms we are seeing. If the symptoms are caused by allergies or other non-Covid maladies, we will figure that out. If it is determined it could possibly be Covid (sore-throat, sniffles, cough, fever, etc), we will request a test. If you choose not to have your student tested, we will require a 14 day quarantine as assumed Covid. The same process will take place if you call in your child sick on the absence line.
  • I understand this is stressful. Please have a plan B (and even C!) for who can pick up your child if you are working and add those people as emergency contacts in Jeffco Connect.

Together, we will get through this! -- To the parents of remote learners – I am here if you have any questions, and will still be working on getting health plans taken care of for your students who need them. Please know I am here for you too. This community is amazing and I’m excited to be a part of it!

Thank you for your patience and adventurous spirits in wellness during these new and uncharted times.

Please email me with questions or concerns at

Safety Precautions:

  • The safety of your student(s) is our number one priority here at Manning. Due to COVID-19 we have implemented several new protocols that will ensure Manning is a safe place for your student.
  • We have seven different entry doors that students will enter through, to stagger the number of students entering at the same time. Students will enter through assigned doors closest to their first assigned class period of the day. (see map link above)
  • Our hallways are clearly marked to keep traffic moving in a fluid manner. Students need to follow the signs posted in the hallways. In order to keep social distancing students need to keep moving, small groups congregating in the hallway will be asked to separate and to head to class.
  • We ask that students not arrive too early for classes as we will limit entrance to the building and students cannot congregate in any commons areas. Students will need to leave the building at the end of the synchronous learning time.
  • The classrooms have been cleared of non-essential items, extra desks, chairs, etc. to allow for more space to ensure that social distancing can be maintained. Desks will be sanitized after each class period and seating will be staggered throughout the day so different desks are used each hour.
  • Students are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is provided in each classroom as well as at each entry door for students to use. Students are to keep their hands to themselves and are not allowed to share any materials with other students.
  • Masks must be worn by students at all times. If a student does not have a mask, Manning will provide one for the day, a reminder that a bandana is not considered a face covering. If social distancing can be maintained in a classroom, students may be able to take a break from the mask for lunch and recess. Masks are mandatory in the hallways, restrooms and classrooms.

Google Meet Best Practices for Families

Please see the link below for a Best Practices Sheet for Google Meet.

Zoom Best Practices for Families

Please see the link below for a Best Practices Sheet for Zoom.

SEL Corner.... A place to fill up your bucket

Feeling the need for meaningful connection outside of school? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Start with reflecting on the level of connection you feel with yourself. Are you leaning into avoidance due to circumstances out of your control? Maybe it’s easier to lean into other people and so you’re not noticing how you are really? Avoidance in one way or another is a natural protection method. We are designed for this, it’s how we learn from a young age to keep ourselves safe. Since covid and the resulting fall out will be long term, if we continually avoid ourselves it may take longer and be harder to heal afterwards.

  • There is room for healthy compartmentalization. Set time aside daily or weekly to check in with yourself. I find sometimes it’s easier to talk aloud as I sort things out, it might feel silly, so feel free to chuckle about it. Checking in with yourself doesn’t have to be verbal or written. It can be artistic, movement based, or another form that allows you to reflect.

Create connection with others:

  • Start a casual support community, maybe with co-workers. You could be outside, regular video conferencing or phone calls, through email, or written letters *gasp*. This summer when I was feeling disconnected I started a plant trade with my family who live all over the US. Got some mighty fine plants out of it- and watching them take root and grow is so healing. Currently considering starting a book trade...

Encourage yourself and each other to treat ourselves with kindness. We are building pathways in our minds, and like a trail in the woods, each time we travel this path it’ll get easier and more natural.

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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