Richard Gurley Drew

By : Mariam Maddie :)

Richard Drew inventor of scotch tape

Richard Gurley Drew was the inventor of the scotch tape,

he was born and raised in St.Paul Minnesota, he was born on June 22 1899.

He attended the University of Minnesota and he dropped out of college after 18 months.


He had a son named Don Drew that lives in Australia (There is not much information on his family)


  • He worked for Johnson and Johnson
  • He also worked as an engineer for 3M
  • and he also worked for Permacel corporation

Death date

Richard Gurley Drew died on the 14th of December 1980, in Santa Barbara California at the age of 81 because of his age.


We chose to research this inventor because we think the invention is very useful ,can fix things , and its fun to mess around with,