BP oil spill

Gulf fo Mexico Disastor

Water for Life

Water is the basis for life and it makes up 70% of the earth. But we have a problem, only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water and 2% of it is at the poles and 1% is for drinking. And if we melt it we will cause a global warming. Every signal day 7 billion gallons of water are wasted every day and that is our fresh water. We also use most of our fresh water for agriculture and only 10% goes to household uses. We are also polluting our water supply by putting chemicals in it. And since we only have 20% fresh water and most of it is at the ice caps we have to stop polluting our water and start using it for household uses.

BP oil Spill Explotion

In the gulf on Mexico there was a huge explosion on the deep water horizons rig. The explosion was caused by a failure in the concrete. They were drilling a new pipe line so that they could get more oil, but the were in to much in a rush. The concrete had to much presser and then the pipe exploded and the rig started on fire. 11 people on the oil rig died from the explosion or from saving other people. The oil spill almost destroyed the gulf of Mexico, just from one mistake.

Effecs on Ocean Life.

The affects that the BP oil spill had were manly ocean life. One of the things that the BP oil spill affected were the reefs. The reefs are a major food source for many animals because many small animals live there. Thee oil in the ocean caused the reefs to die so the food chains were almost destroyed. The oil spill also affected the mammals in the ocean. Like dolphins, turtles, and birds were all stranded in the ocean. The turtles that were stranded were one of the endangered spices, so they almost got wiped out.

Helping the Animals

After the oil spill there was a lot of clean up to do. The project took tons of volunteers to help clean up. One of the gross things they had to do was take the birds that were stuck in the oil out and clean all the oil off their feathers. Figure B. Another thing they had to do, is get all the stranded turtles out of the ocean, because they were stranded out in the ocean. There is still damage in the ocean but the ocean is healing it self.
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Figure A

The chart above shows a timeline of the BP oil spill and the damage that resulted. The explosion occurred on April 20th, 2010. Four point nine millions gallons of crude oil were spilled. It then took 5 months to plug the well. 6800 birds, turtles, mammals, and reptiles were dead after the BP oil spill.

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Figure B

Many birds were affected by the BP oil spill. Like this one it is stuck in the oil and it can not float. So it suffocates in the oil.