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Week of November 10, 2014


Last week we began our study of basic chemistry topics. Through reading articles, watching short video clips, and hands on activities and investigations students will be working to discover some basic concepts about molecules and other substances. Our major focuses through this unit are as follows:

  1. How molecules act in a solid, liquid, and gas
  2. How molecules act in relation to one another
  3. How molecules act under different temperatures
  4. How molecules act when combined with molecules from another substance

Experimenting with Pennies to Discover Surface Tension

Language Workshop - History Focus

Largely through language workshop, students have been and will continue to learn about significant historic events that occurred during the 1900s in the United States.

We spent last week discussing women's suffrage by evaluating multiple different articles. In this week long discussion students were able to compare women's rights across time periods in our nation. In addition, they gained an understanding of how women's rights are still limited in various countries throughout the world.

This week I will begin reading aloud the book Out of the Dust to the students. Throughout the duration of this book we will discuss the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and other topics that are mentioned in the book.

New Math Focus

Today we are beginning a completely new unit in math. We will begin working with rates, ratios, and proportions and students have never had previous exposure to these concepts before. We will be spend a fairly large amount of time completing hands-on tasks to demonstrate practical application of the materials.

We worked with LEGOS today in visually representing ratios. Later this week we will work to enlarge images and students will design an action figure of themselves next week while exploring proportional relationships.

Parent Education Resources

Since many of the concepts we will address for the remainder of the school year are completely new to our students, I wanted to make sure that all families have the proper resources in helping them study or assisting them on their homework. Because of this, I created a new page on my website called "Parent Education". Resources will be arranged based on unit.

Currently there is one folder with information about ratios, rates, and proportions. Unit vocabulary, as is displayed in the classroom, videos, practice problems, and websites for student practice games are all listed.

Exploratory Changes

This week marked the beginning of our second exploratory rotation. Students had the option of choosing between the following options:

  • iPad art with Mrs. Bataoel
  • Peter Pan Practice with Mr. Scott
  • Math Challenge with Miss Pollock
  • Study Hall with Mrs. Harris
  • Chemistry Extension with Mrs. Shivers

Scholastic Book Orders

I know many of you regularly order from our class Scholastic order, so I want to go ahead and give families a heads up that I will be placing an order in November but probable not in December. Last year I had multiple families place secret orders for the holidays and I separated out books for them that they then secretly picked up from the school at their convenience. Should you wish to place a secret holiday order, please make sure you let me know it is a secret so I do not tell your student or give them the books when they arrive. The November order will not be placed until Friday, November 21.

Upcoming Events

10/14 - Half day of Student Attendance

10/21 - Scholastic Book Order due

10/26 - No School

10/27 - No School

10/28 - No School

Bonnie Pollock

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