Citizens of 2016

Written by Guy Montag

Dear citizens of 2016,

It is a cool, crisp morning in early Autumn, you do your daily routine until you notice a bright light pooling into your house from the windows. You rush to the window and find your neighbors house engulfed in flames. This is something that I witness and cause every single day.

Firemen have changed since your time (from what I know from books) we no longer put out fires, we start them. Our job is to burn down any and all houses that contain books in them. If you cherish books and knowledge you must try and change the ways of the people around you. In my time we burn down houses who have books in them and what happens to the owners you might ask? They get taken away moments before the firemen come to burn the place down. Schools that once had thousands of students ready to learn about the wonderful and mysterious world around them, closed for lack of students. All everyone cares about now is happiness. But in reality no one is truly happy, its as if a veil has separated them from seeing the wonders of the world and questioning everything. I once knew someone like that, her name was Clarisse