Human Impacts on the Lithosphere

Lessening impacts on the Lithosphere & Maximizing Resources

Ways to Mitigate the Human Impacts on the Lithosphere

Reduce Use of Chemicals on Farms- since the chemicals can seep into groundwater and runoff into rivers, it's a good idea to minimize the use of these harmful chemicals that could affect us

Stop Drilling for Oil/Natural Gases- Drilling for oil and natural gas can cause oil spills and an increase in erosion. Drilling for natural gas can cause dangerous chemicals to be released.

Stop Mining for Coal- the coal pollutes the air and water as we excavate and burn it

Replant Trees- as we cut down trees (deforestation), we reduce the amount of oxygen in the air, and the roots of trees hold in the soil so desertification can't occur

Drip Irrigation- by using this type of irrigation, we won't dry out the aquifer

Crop Rotation- by using this technique, farmers can allow the nutrients in the soil to replenish their selves

Animal Rotation- rotating the animals prevents the soil from losing its nutrients from the animals eating the grass

Use Renewable Resources- if we use renewable resources, there won't be as much waste or pollution as if we did use them

Maximizing the Uses of Resources

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle- You are not wasting any possible resource

Allow Aquifers to Refill- Giving the aquifers time to refill reduces the risk of the ground seeping in

Use Renewable Resources- Renewable resources are easier to replace if they run out and they are less harmful to the environment