Jerniyah Grimes

Mental Illness

Both, Rose Mary and Rex suffer from a certain type of mental illness. Rose Mary mostly suffers from bipolar disorder due to her constant mood changes. She is usually the one in the family constantly saying they should do and think positive things. But the next day she doesnt really do anything to help the family but lay in bed. Rex on the other hand suffers from an alcohol addiction. His addiction is the main reason why the Walls had to deal with poverty.

Rebellion: Civil Disobedience

I think this article is mostly describing Rex Walls. In the article it claims that civil disobedience includes running away from the government. In The Glass Castle that is exaclty what Rex Walls is doing. He is the reason why his family is moving around so much.


Jeannette's father, Rex Walls, suffers from severe alcoholism. Throughout the novel, it is clear how not only his drinking affects him, but how his family too is brought down and hurt by it as well. Due to his drinking it has brought tragedy and destruction to the Walls family and puts them in very bad situations. It interferes with their financial statuses and ruins the family's well being.


Throughout the story, the Walls were never stable in one place. They were constantly moving because they were trying to get away from their debts. The Homeless Emergency Assistance could have helped Jeanettes family by placing them in a stable home that they could afford.


In my opinion the parents have some what violated their parenting rights. I think this mostly because they never really discipline their kids. For example, while the Walls were living with Rex's mother, they never noticed that Brian was getting sexually assaulted by Erma because of their constant absences during the week and when they're kids told them about what was happening they didnt believe them and took Ermas word over theirs and called them liars.


The children that grew up in the Wall's family had a unique style of education. Rex Walls taught his children everything they needed to know about the world and technology. he was a very intelligent and extremely bright man who knew a lot about the world. he taught Jeanette, Brian, and Lori a variety of math and sciences and how things worked in the world. Also, they were exceptionally great readers and would read all the time at such a young age. In the article it states "The law states that all children between the ages 7 - 18 must attend school every day on time unless lawfully excused by the school." In The Glass Castle, the kids didn't go to school for weeks at a time. this shows they were neglected of a proper education.