The American cemetery

American cemetery in Normandy


The cemetery was built in France,on June 8,1944.

The cemetery was built because of the world war 2 wars. It sits over the Ohama beach.

The cemetery in France contains the graves of nearly 9,400 war dead,and nearly 1,600 on the missing wall. Most of the life's lost were from D-day. There's 1,557 names are inscribed on the missing walls of the missing.(

The reason for so many graves, a little over 4,800 u.s. solders were killed in combat during the entire war Iraq.

When the soldiers storm the beaches of Normandy that 29,000 soldiers die. (

Omaha beach second beach from the west among the five landing areas of the Normandy invasion of world war 2.

It was assaulted on June 6,1944 (D-day of the invasion) by untils is the u.s. 29th and 1st infantry division, many until of whose soldiers were drowned during the approach from ships off shore or were killed by defending fire from German troops placed on heights surrounding the beach.

The Germans under field marshal Erwin Rommel had built formidable defenses to protect this enclosed battle field. (

This cemetery will always be sitting over the Ohama beach.

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