Explorer Plans a Trip to New World

There a major plans coming for The Child Of The Sun

The Leader Who Conquered it All

As a kid Hernando de Soto aka. The Child of the Sun always wanted to explore the world. When he was 14 he put surprise attacks on the Native americans and that's when he got his name the Child of the Sun. He defeated the Inca Empire with Francisco Pizarro and took three rooms of silver and gold and brought it back here to Spain. Now he is planning to get down to the New World and find the seven cities of gold.

Hernando's Plans

After his extraordinary attack on the native americans,he has some big plans ahead. The New World found by our own Christopher Columbus. Some other explorers from Spain also visited the new world such as Juan Pance de Leon. Hernando is now choosing the men he is took take on the long journey to find the seven cities of gold.

The interview

On Saturday I had short interview with Hernando and asked his a few short questions.

Me: What type of men are you looking for to take with you?

Hernando: I'm looking for strong men who are willing to do anything to find the seven cities of gold.

Me: Do you have any doubts about this trip?

Hernando: Absolutely not. My leadership will lead these volunteers to be wealthy successful and famous explorers. I will have everything I need for my whole trip.

Me: What happens if you lose all your men and you the only one left traveling?

Hernando: I hardly doubt that this would happen but if for some reason it does then I will continue to find the city, but I know that it won't happen.

Good luck to hernando

As Hernando's trip is coming nearer to this day people all around Spain are wishing good luck to him and his crew. Everybody hopes that he will be successful and bring back the gold so Spain could be the wealthiest country yet.

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