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summer corona tips

Henrietta Szold School Principal's Message

Hi everyone,

Amiad Melzer here, Principal of Henrietta Szold School in Jerusalem, as we come to the end of the school year, I would first like to congratulate the students and teachers of both schools on the hard work and dedication . This was also our first time that our school participated in a twinning program. Virtual classrooms started off as a novelty and became a necessity in the challenging months we have experienced. It was both interesting and fascinating to witness the progression of communication between our 2 schools, even when times were hard.

Thank you to the Jewish Agency for both the time and effort they have put in to this program. The results are truly remarkable.

We hope to continue with you all for years to come.

Kind regards and best wishes

Stay Safe


Judith's message (teacher at Henrietta Szold School in Jerusalem

We started offf the year with excitement and glee

We were all looking forward to meeting NEFESH YEHUDI

Our friends in New Jersey are far away

We all wanted to hear what they had to say

We learnt together about the Jewish Hagim

To learn in 2 different countries was a real dream

Even though Corona tried to spoil it

Here are some tips and ideas for a summer survival kit.

Ideas and tips how to survive the Summer

Hi, I’m Tehila from Jerusalem and here we already started school. As you are all still in quarantine, I will give you some tips on how to survive the summer without getting bored.

I recommend running with your family, once a day for at least 20 minutes. I did that in quarantine and I had a nice time, so I highly recommend doing it, too keep your body healthy and so you won’t get bored.

Hey, it’s Anri and my survival tips are:

Find a friend, a mom, dad, brother or sister and think of some ideas together like: video games or make challenges that are fun like a race or Hide and Seek.

I also love playing Uno cards and Poker.

You can also just chill, sleep and sunbathe!

If you have a dog you could play with it or teach it new tricks.

I don’t know what more I can say so have fun… bye!

Eva’s survival tips for summer 2020 during Corona times

  • You can keep a small bag with you at all times containing wipes, an extra mask, spare gloves, hand sanitizer, and any other essentials.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times, make sure no one gets too close to you, sneezes, or coughs on you.
  • Don’t go anywhere too crowded, and try your best to stay away from other people as much as you can.
  • Listen to officials, experts, and professionals’ advice on how to stay safe and what to do in various situations related to COVID-19
  • Do not put other people in danger just for your own needs.
  • Go on lots of walks or runs with your family or friends
  • Get out of your house as much as you can, you can go on long drives, have a picnic with your family, and more.
  • Have video chats with your friends and family
  • Experiment in the kitchen, bake and cook new things
  • Organize your room or other parts of your home
  • Do a spring\summer clean

Hi, we are Thea, Roni and Brianna from Jerusalem Israel and here are some of our top tips for summer survival while isolated

· Play with your family board games like splendor and Ticket to ride Europe.

· Watch a TV show or a movie with your family.

· Have a water fight with your siblings or family (Don’t flood the house kids!).

· If you have a dog, you can train him/her and teach him/her new tricks!

· Tie dye some of your clothes by watching a video on YouTube.

· Going on a mini "At home" vacation to your dream destination!

· Do inside exercising!

Hello I am Avinoam from Szold school, Jerusalem.

Here are my tips for surviving summer vacation in these


If you have a bike I suggest you ride your bike up and

down the street.

You can also run up and down the street.

You can also play a game with yourself or your family.

Like Ticket to Ride Europe: It has real places in Europe, so you

can learn as well as have fun……

Below I attach the aim of the game

The object of the game is to score the highest total number of points. Points can be scored by:

◆ Claiming a Route between two adjacent cities on the map;

◆ Successfully completing a continuous path of routes between two cities listed on your Destination Ticket(s);

◆ Completing the Longest Continuous Path of routes to win the European Express Bonus card;

◆ And for each Train Station kept in reserve at the end of the game. Points are deducted from the players’ total score for each of their Destination Tickets that are not successfully completed by the end of the game

My name is Ella Barnea. I am a fifth grader from Jerusalem.

Summer is coming and I wish us all to have a fun time in spite of the corona pandemic. Summer means nice weather lots of sun so we can have fun in our home, yard and balcony and still stay safe.

What about soap bubble hour with your siblings? That’s easy to prepare and everything stays clean after all, you just need to be cautious as it gets slippery! A good book is always a best friend during long afternoons. Recently I started reading e-books. It is still easier to get e-books during corona time, just one click away from your favorite hero. It is a good time for a monthly subscription of your favorite magazine. I got my National Geographic magazines regularly and I even got an extra issue during corona. Learning the new facts about our planet, animals and plants are always interesting. A good movie and popcorn in the evening with your family also sounds great. Choose a family movie evening once a week and enjoy the time.

Hi, my name is Shira and I am from Szold school, Jerusalem. Here are my tips for surviving summer vacation in these times:

I recommend making desserts like cakes and cupcakes. I made chocolate mousse in quarantine and here is my recipe for it:


1 chocolate bar

2 containers of sweet cream


Take the chocolate bar and 1 pack of sweet cream and put them in a bowl

Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes

In the meantime, take the sweet cream and make it whipped cream

Mix together

Put it in the fridge for 2 hours

And there you have a chocolate mousse for dessert

Hi, my name is Noa from Jerusalem, Israel.

Here are my top tips to a summer survival in isolation: You can watch cooking shows, like "5-minute recipes". Here is an example for one of the videos: https://youtu.be/k4wbpx35Y0M

You can create or invent games like the game that I made: "LEGO BOMB". It is a board game with Lego counters. You can throw the Lego dice and step on to a Trivia Question (like… What is the capital of Hungary?), or mission, or more.

סרטון תאומים - להתראות

Nefesh Yehudi Academy Program Director's Message

Mazal tov to the students of Nefesh Yehudi Academy and the Henrietta Szold school in Yerushalayim. This was the FIRST time our school ever participated in a twinning program. We wanted to try it and chose our wonderful 4th grade class to experiment. We are so pleased with the result. You were the first to participate in virtual classrooms, and now the world is following your lead!

Your ability to cross continents to find similarities in names, customs, and shared holidays was very special. The Szold school children's English was beautiful, and NYA's Hebrew was excellent, when brave enough to use it. I have two favorite events that took place over this school year. First was when the students were able to celebrate Chanukah together on a Sunday morning NJ time. Lighting candles and eating sifganiout together was something to see!! Your love of mitzvot on Purim was beautifully executed. NYA's students brought Szold's blessings to Hatzolah and Bikur Cholim, and Szold was able to bring Mishloach Manot to lone soldiers in Israel who originally came from our area. I hope you all remember this experience and will visit each other's schools at some point in the future.

Toda to The Jewish Agency and to all of you yasher koach!

Elie Salomon
Program Director
Nefesh Yehudi Academy

Surviving Corona Times in NJ by Morah Tali

About 3 months ago our routine was interrupted and we were asked to stay at home and teach/learn from home.

The tecnical adjustment wasn't so hard but I sure missed our school environment and seeing students playing together outdoors (definately their favorite activity.)

Teaching was mostly based on text learning and discussions, and even with technical problems it was a good transition. Hoping that everything will be better soon and everyone will stay safe and happy.

Surviving Corona By Gavriel and Jack

We survived covid 19. The first day we had to pack up and then, the teacher said “Everyone pack up your stuff and get everything you would need to be at home”. We both forgot our books and realized on the second day we left them at school. But We're surviving it with Notebooks pretty hard to find interesting books but we actually do it. That was just the first week and we have pictures and fun stuff to show. Right now it is the last week and we are still surviving.

Learning New Things In Corona Times by Jack

When I first found out that we were supposed to quarantine at home I was excited... NO SCHOOL! But as time went on it got boring. We tried new things, went to concerts on zoom, went on a live streamed African safari, learn how to draw cartoons from a book illustrator, and I even take a karate class with an instructor in AUSTRALIA!!!

It is hard to be away from my friends, but we have to be safe. My sleepaway camp cancelled and we are trying to figure out what to do for the summer, but we got a pool so that's fun! Hopefully we can go back to school in the fall and get used to this new normal... I bet we will have to wear masks to school.

Our New Corona Life by Ami and Noam

I went home one day after hearing about coronavirus from Greg. After that, my parents told me that I got to stay home for two days. I was so excited. After the two days and the weekend, I figured out from my parents that we’re going to be home for a lot longer than two days. The superintendent of schools sent a call to the whole Middlesex county saying that we were probably going to stay home for the rest of school. A week later I got used to being home-schooled and it was very nice I could eat while working and take breaks whenever we want. 1 month later it starts to get boring not leaving the house and staying away from everyone. So I decided to take my bike to my friends house. That is how we survived corona.

What We Do to Make It Through Covid 19 by Brianna and Amiel

​During this time we like to play a lot with our siblings. I like to go on bike rides

down the D and R canal. Sometimes we like to cook meals for our families. I like to make meals. I also enjoy helping with my family’s big garden all the time. My siblings play and we like to do arts and crafts together. I like to cook and bake a lot. I like to play outside and go on walks.

During these times we have different things that we do now because of changes in the world right now especially in the US. We do lots of different things than usual and one ​bigggggggggggggg​ thing is spending time with our family. We go on walks all the time and we exercise and those things are important so we still do them. Cooking and baking is a big thing that I do more at home. Saying “hello” to others. We hope you enjoy our article about these times for us-

Please enjoy the pictures we have added to this article.

Morah Tali's Message (Teacher of Kittah Daled at Nefesh Yehudi Academy)

This year I was very pleased to participate in our twinning program connecting with the Szold school in Israel.

It all started when I visited the school last summer when I met with Naomi Holzer, the Director of the program who is a fantastic mediator with wonderful ideas. . The students and teachers in Kittah Hey in Israel were very nice and fun to connect and to create mutual projects together.

We will always remember this time because of the pandemic that happened in the middle but we still managed to stay connected and looking forward to staying in touch.

NYA says goodbye to Szold