Planning for big things this fall!

I know that Hoopla has inspired and motivated so many of us and 3 of you have recently declared that you are “ALL IN” to promote to Star in 2014!! I am beyond excited to help each and every one of you achieve this goal and, with the help of our upline leaders Kelly Cox and Jenny Foley and well as my partner in crime Annie Brinker... We are committed and ready to help any of you promote to star in 90 DAYS!!! I will list the women that are now a part of our Star Group called “THE ALL IN DIVA’S” below but if ANY OF YOU, after reading this post, would like to be bold and join this group, please post here. ANY AND ALL are welcome to go down this path with us and ANY AND ALL of you are capable of becoming a Star Stylist in a 90 day period!!

WHY IS STAR THE “SWEET SPOT” AT STELLA & DOT & why is it important to promote in 2014?

  • TRIPLE YOUR INCOME: When promoting up the ranks from the “Stylist” Title to “Star Stylist” … women often TRIPLE their income!
  • GREAT MONEY FOR PART-TIME WORK: On average, Star Stylists earn between $3K and $5K per month
  • PROMOTION BONUS: When you promote to Star, you get a $500 cash bonus
  • FLEXIBLE, SMART HOURS: Star Stylists work on average 10-15 hours per week … still very part-time & because of our 100% flexible opportunity, I truly believe this can fit into ANYONE’S life … regardless of what else they have going on (full time work, part time work, raising children, or any combination of the above)
  • FOUNDING LEADER AND CASH BONUSES: Anyone who hits the payrank of Star Stylist just ONE MONTH in Q4 of this year will be a “founding leader” and will have the privilege of participating in a Founding Leader Family Brands “bonus pool” (this will be explained in greater detail but essentially all of us that are Star or above just one month in Q4 will participate in quarterly cash bonuses in 2015 and 2016 based on the success of the family brands launching this year and next called KEEP and EVER … an amazing opportunity to earn cash bonuses, just for being a S&D leader in 2014!!
  • EARN A FREE TRIP TO THE DOMICAN REPUBLIC: If you do everything you need to do and promote to star in 90 days or by year end, you will have very likely earned the points you need to earn that free Glam Getaway trip!!
  • TONS OF FREE PRODUCTS: As a Star Stylist, you are going to get your $100 quarterly free product credit for consistency, you will LIKELY get occasional Stella Sellar free product credits of $100 per month that you sell $5K, you’ll earn your season switchover coupon to get $500 in products for $99, AND … once you hit Star, if you sell your personal $2300 each month in a quarter, you’ll get ANOTHER season switchover coupon so you will get $1000 for $198 and finally – new jumpstart product credits … as you sponsor, if you teach your new stylist to promote to Associate Stylist during your jumpstart, both you and she get another $500 in free products. HOLY MOLY!!
  • REWARDING & FUN POSITION: As you go down this path to Star, I think you will really find it to be so rewarding to grow a team and watch them thrive … you will not only be increasing your own happiness and financial stability/freedom, you will be doing the same for others!

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  • On average, Stars do 4 to 6 trunk shows per month but we are going to look at this over a 90 day period, starting August 1st. If you look at the months of August, September, and October as a whole, to hit Star, we recommend that you do 15 shows over that 90 day time period. SO … look at that 90 day period, highlight 30 days that you COULD do trunk shows, and then just fill 50% of those dates for 15 shows over a 90 day period – working flexibly when you want to work! It is that simple!
  • As a Star, your personal monthly sales must be $2,300 at a minimum but, again, if you are shooting for those 15 shows in 90 days, you are likely selling more like $4K to $5K per month and likely earning product credit bonuses
  • Stars must have 3 qualified “legs” under the new comp plan and one of those legs must be an associate stylist leg. This means that you shared our opportunity at your trunk shows and via emails/phone calls/texts/FB posts. You have sponsored at least 3 women and brightened their lives, and you have taught one of those women to share and sponsor one herself
  • Your overall volume as a group (includes anyone on your team down to 3 lines) must be $12,500
  • THAT IS IT! and it is absolutely doable for each and every one of you with focused efforts and actions over a 90 day period of just booking, selling, sharing/sponsoring, and training & coaching (with the constant help & support of your leaders!)


We are offering a variety of “tools” to help get you guys to Star by OCTOBER 31st!

  • First … I am setting up a new FB Group called the “ALL IN DIVA’S” where everyone that has the goal of STAR IN 90 DAYS can participate, share ideas, cheer each other on, be a motivator when someone is having challenges
  • Second … other leaders and I will be leading weekly STAR CALLS and the first call is THIS MONDAY, AUGUST 4TH at 8:45pm EST. This will be a 30 minute “kick off call” and we want it to be interactive, getting ideas from you guys on what you would like to see happen over the next 90 days too!
    • Going Forward, the weekly calls will be on MONDAY NIGHTS (with the exception of the 1 Monday a month when we have our NOVA team meetings) at 7:30pm EST … all calls will be recorded and we will focus on important topics to keep you guys on track and put together weekly actions for you to take
  • Going Forward, the weekly calls will be on MONDAY NIGHTS (with the exception of the 1 Monday a month when we have our NOVA team meetings) at 7:30pm EST … all calls will be recorded and we will focus on important topics to keep you guys on track and put together weekly actions for you to take
  • Third … there will be fun little challenges & incentives along the way & celebrations, of course!!
  • Fourth … INDIVIDUAL COACHING CALLS are going to be key and we recommend that you connect with either ME or your upline leader for regular, WEEKLY, scheduled calls! Sticking to a regular schedule with weekly actions that you are held accountable are really going to be the key to get you to this goal. J
  • Fifth …. Let’s keep it TONS OF FUN … constantly cheering each other on and laughing at ourselves when things just don’t go as planned (when you have a goose egg show, for example J). There will be rewards for positivity & humor!!
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We have suggested monthly goals for you guys so that you take the baby steps necessary to get to Star by October 31st and here is what we THINK it is going to look like.

AUGUST – plan 3-5 trunk shows, sponsor 1, train her & get her launched/qualified and promote yourself to Associate Stylist

SEPTEMBER – Plan to do 4-6 trunk shows, sponsor 1 -2 more, train them & get them launched/qualified, and promote yourself to Sr. Stylist, also start helping your team with THEIR personal sponsoring by encouraging them to share the opportunity too.

OCTOBER – Plan to do 4-6 trunk shows, sponsor 1-2 more, train them & get them launched/qualified, help your previous stylist(s) sponsor by bringing along a friend of two, have that second line stylist qualify so that SHE promotes to Associate Stylist & by helping her promote, you, in turn, promote yourself to STAR STYLIST by the end of the OCTOBER!!


If it seems daunting or overwhelming, just focus one day, one week at a time to book shows and share our opportunity and participate in coaching calls to stay focused. The rest will fall into place with our help, especially with training and coaching your new stylists!! You are not in this alone and there WILL be bumps and obstacles along the way. One of the things I love about this plan is that it does give us a full 2 month “buffer” to allow you to still hit Star by December 31st and be a part of that founding leaders pool. But … let’s all shoot to do this in 90 days and be a STAR by October 31st. If the schedule slips a little bit, then that promotion is YOURS in November or December as a fall back plan.

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I believe in this plan so much that I AM GOING TO DO IT WITH YOU!! I am starting from scratch today, pretending that I am the title of “stylist” with nobody on my team yet. I am going to follow the exact plan that will be laid out for you and I, too, will meet all the requirements to promote myself to Star along with you guys, in 90 days!!

Here is a list of the first “ALL IN DIVA’S” …

Katelyn Hadder

Laura Ellis

Pam Perticone