Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

Keyonna McCrae

Rescue, Destruction

The fire in Lord of the Flies plays an important part throughout the novel. The fire symbolizes the boys connection to civilization. When the fire is burning , some of the boys still have some sense of returning to civilization. They care enough to keep the fire going rather than forgetting about it and going hunting. By keeping the fire going will get the boys notice and rescued. " we can help them to find us...we must make a fire"

Lost of civilization

Sam and Eric ask Ralph and Piggy if they had any fire, Sam and Eric said it was out due to the storm, that everything is out. Ralph wants to ask the boys about last night, the death of Simon and the boys said we left early we were real tired. They had no remorse to what happen. The boys led by jack has completely lost sight of civilization. The fire is gone and so is the civilization.

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