Laptop Computers

Portable take them with you everyday!

What is a laptop?!

A laptop is a portable personal computer, suitable for traveling and mobile usage. You can use laptops for just about ANYTHING! You can use it for schoolwork, businesses, and also pictures/music.

Who manufactures a Laptop?

The companies that makes these laptops are Clevo, Compal, Asus, MSI, Quanta, Wistron, Mitac, Arima, and Inventec. Alienware/Dell, HP, Toshiba, Compaq and Sony just sells the laptop.

Some manufacturers:

Laptops are EXCITING and FUN!

The Questions Asked ....

How many gigs does it hold? What computer is the best computer? How much RAM does it have? And Is the Internet service good?... These type of questions depends all on the type of computer and the type of programs you put on your computer.

The Best Laptops

The best laptops are yours to keep and to not RUIN and use for a lot of things.