Rwandan Genocide

By: Andrew Craver and Kaylee Holt


The Hutu and the Tutisi had growing tensions in Africa when the Belgians took over in 1933 ( Belgian rule instated that all Hutu and Tutisi must carry identification so non-native africans could distinguish between them ( But the actual direct cause of the Rwandan Genocide was when a surface-to-air-missle hit, President Juvenal Habyarimana's plane killing everyone on board ( This is when the fighting started.


The 100 day genocide left 800,000 Hutu and Tutisi dead ( When the event ended the country was taken over by the Rawandan Patriotic Front ( The corpses piled up because Hutu extremists would not allow Tutsi bodies to be buried ( As Gerard Prunier said in his book Africa's World War, "The list could be almost endless. Genocide was so intertwined with everyday life...".


If the United Nations would have paid more attention to the acts that were being done, then this event would have been shortened if not stoped. In World War II, the nations pulled together to stop the Nazis from killing the jews, if the same acts would have been taken to stop the Rwandan Genocide, Africa would be a different place.

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