Running again May 8th 2022

Online course. £95.00. Commencing May 8th. 12 months access

I ran this course twice last year, students have got great results, and there seems to be demand for another one - so here it is! This is a standalone course, teaching you all the essential skills to get started with ecoprinting. It is also the perfect introduction to give you the necessary skills to enrol in my September Ecoprint with Natural Dyes course

Booking commences 15 March 2022

Use this link to take you to the course website for enrollment ( you may need to cut and paste rather than clicking on it)

You will be able to pay by credit card or paypal and the site will accept most credit cards from a large range of countries

When you start ecoprinting, you open the door to a magical world. But it's a world that can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. You see beautiful work posted online, with glowing colours and clear crisp prints, but yours don't turn out like that, and you wonder what the 'secret' is.

Well I'll let you into a secret - there isn't a secret!

What there is is knowledge, skills and practice. Those are the essential ingredients for getting reliable, crisp prints.

This online workshop will give you that knowledge , teach you the techniques you need, give you confidence in your results, and inspire you to take the next steps on your learning curve.

Big picture

What's included

  • A detailed materials list which you will receive on booking.
  • Approximately 2 hours of video tuition and extensive text lessons which you will be able to access for12 months
  • A comprehensive manual that you can download, print, and keep forever
  • A private online facebook group where you can share you results and ask me questions for four weeks. A great deal of extra teaching takes place in this group.
  • This isn't a live course - you can access it whenever you want, and learn at your own pace
  • Basically, everything that you would get in my face to face beginners workshop, but with a printable manual, and ongoing online support

Who is it for?

Beginners and near beginners , this is ideal for you. You will learn everything you need to set out on your printing adventures , including how to source the materials you need economically - ecoprinting need not be expensive! By the end of the course you will have a practical setup at home to continue your printing, you will have made a number of pieces using different methods, and you will have all the knowledge and technique you need to continue experimenting confidently, and progress to more complicated processes

But it's not just for complete beginners. Have you been printing for a while, but just not happy with your results? Blurred prints? Wrinkled fabric? Unsightly blobs? Leaves that just won't print at all? Not sure how to use an iron blanket? Not sure when to use a barrier?Just feeling confused and lacking understanding about what works and why? This course will answer your questions and restore your confidence. Everything you need to know to enable you to take the next step with more complex techniques.

In short, this is the course that I wish had existed when I started my ecoprinting journey

What we will cover

  • The materials you will need, and how to prepare them, including finding leaves that will give you great results. What to use when you can't get fresh leaves.
  • How to set up your workplace, including working safely in your kitchen if you don't have studio space.
  • Comprehensive and detailed instructions for bundling - lots of video footage of me actually making bundles , telling you exactly what I am doing step by step - and why
  • Composition and design
  • Troubleshooting - what went wrong, why, and what to do so it doesn't happen again
  • How long to cook, when to unbundle, how to care for your fabric afterwards
  • We will start by making samples, and progress to scarves, and larger pieces suitable for cushions or bags
  • We will be steaming our bundles, not submerging and boiling
  • We will be working with iron as our only mordant. (My next module. Ecoprint with natural dyes will build on this, adding other mordants and combining ecoprint with natural dyes)

How to book

Use this link to book

You will be able to pay by credit card or paypal

NB If you have previously done my beginners workshop for the stitchclub, or PenWAG there will be some duplication in the early part of the course, so you are entitled to a discounted price of £50 . Please contact me for a coupon code before booking

For more information about me, to view my work, or to see reviews and information about my previous workshops, please visit my website

Feedback from when I ran this course in January

This was my first ever experience of printing on fabric and I was not disappointed. The step by step course was easy to follow and Caroline was so helpful all the way through. Having the FaceBook group to connect with other students was a wonderful support, and it was a joy to see how everyone was progressing and to share images and methods. Caroline commented and offered advice on every question asked and image shared. I began having no knowledge of eco printing on fabric, but ended by printing a wearable piece of work. I can highly recommend this course.

Monika Thank you so very much .Your course has filled in a lot of gaps and inspired me to continue learning about the plethora of plants around me. Your teachings filled my head with ideas and my heart with joy for the art of botanical printing!

Susan Thankyou seems insufficient. Your ability to inspire, to teach and to encourage is wonderful. This course is undoubtedly the best thing I could have done to re-boot my little grey cells and re-set my skills.

Thanks also to the engaging comments & discussions from & between the other participants. It’s been a fantastic learning opportunity. I love the feeling of being connected to so many beautiful people.

Susan This excellent class offers so much to both the beginning and more experienced student. I liked having a workbook to print and keep for future reference. I've already registered for another workshop ( with Caroline) and am looking forward to it!

Pamela What a brilliant course, I’m so thankful I found it and grateful that you presented this wonderful opportunity to us all. I’m just wondering when you sleep! You seem to be always available to us. I can only reiterate what the other participants have remarked and thank you so much.,I’ve learnt heaps and finally got to use an iron blanket successfully, plus print on cotton. I’m excited at the possibilities

Monika Your course taught me everything I came to learn and more. It was so great to have the fb group, you were ever so present and seeing everyone's work and comments was so stimulating and informative. I walk away happy and inspired. Muchas gracias profe, a job well done!

Kiran Thank you Caroline for a very informative and educational course. Must for every beginner !! Last two years I have self taught about eco printing from reading and observing others. You have provided true ‘foundation’ where things make sense now ! The purpose behind doing certain techniques ! Amazing way how to roll scarf with a blanket to get less wrinkles to achieve spectacular outcomes !! Never knew or seen or heard before !!! So thanks again from bottom of my heart for your support, patience and understanding towards your pupils !!!

TatianaThank you so much Caroline for the fantastic course. Can’t wait to start the next one

Sharon I've been following the class and wanted to tell you that it's by far the best class I've seen. I love how you're interacting with everyone, helping each person learn from their results.

Jacqui Thank you Caroline I learnt a lot about iron and how to get good prints.

I have enjoyed the tips and tricks and hope to be able to do another course about colour and mordants with you soon. Thanks for being such a generous teacher.

Evelyn Thank you SO much. You really are a wonderful teacher. So patient, so thorough, so kind. Wonderful 'food' for thought!

Jacki Thank you ! Your explanations are very helpful and informative. Science and art!

Kate Just watched the first new video and it's so leveling and reassuring at the same time. Love that this course is more than just pre-recorded content but reactive as well.

Soo I am enjoying looking again at things I consider basic, but seeing them with a new eye with Caroline's great tuition. Lots to be learned!