Blow Out

By M.G Higgins

"Blow Out" Summary

This book is about Lacy Sheridan is anxious. She spent the winter recovering from a knee injury that still gives her nightmares. But Lacy is trying not to let fear get the best of her. She needs to bring her A-game if she wants to impress soccer recruiters. Raven McAlister is a tough-as-nails player who plays the same position as Lacy—and she's going after Lacy's starting spot. Will Raven move to sabotage her teammate? And can Lacy ignore the pressure and play the way she used to?

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Chandler Stutson

The reason why I chose this book is because it was a High School girl that liked to play soccer and I like to play soccer. I thought this was a book for me. I thought it was interesting to me also. I would recommend this book to other people because if you like soccer you should read it. Its a good book so I would read it if I was you.

Main character

Lacy- Main Character

Nita- lacy' s Bestfriend

Raven- New girl on the team

Coach Berg - Soccer Coach