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Let's start with a game...

Do you know about blended learning? This formative assessment will help me figure out what we need to review during today's session. Best part...the winners will walk away with some serious swag!

Getting Started...

This presentation will walk us through the basics of blended learning. We will cover R.U.P., Digital Citizenship, and Guidelines for a Tech-Infused Classroom.
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Breakout EDU Activity

The war is at its peak and Nazi Germany is continuing to bomb London. The only way for Great Britain to get an idea of what’s going to happen next is for the team of codebreakers to decipher the encrypted messages from Germany. Your mission is to decode the war and save the world in the next 25 minutes. Can you do it?

Six Technology Tools


Starting Class/Ending Class Formative Assessment Tools



Content Web Applications Tools



Product/Project Summative Assessment Tools



Technology Tools Rubric

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Exit Ticket

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