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February 3, 2017

Principal's Message

Dear Baywood Parents,

All school districts in California are required to develop a three-year Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that describes how state funds will be used to improve student academic achievement. The LCAP must incorporate how the district is spending its supplementary funds, 4.5 million dollars, to meet the needs of students with greater challenges, including English learners, socio-economically disadvantaged students, and foster/homeless youth.

In San Luis Coastal Unified School District (SLCUSD), we have constructed an LCAP that takes those supplementary funds along with general fund dollars (federal, state, and local) to implement five focus areas established by our Board of Trustees. The overall LCAP budget is approximately 6 million dollars out of our 92 million dollar budget. Engaging parents, students, community members, and school employees in developing, reviewing, and supporting implementation of the LCAP is critical to its success.

Please take a few minutes to complete the LCAP Survey. We value and appreciate the input from parents, staff, and community. The feedback will be used to revise our LCAP for 2018-2019. The LCAP Survey will be open until March 23rd.


Mrs. Jennifer Dinielli

Upcoming Events at Baywood Elementary


2/5-5th Grade Camp Presentation for Students, 9:30-10:30 am

2/7-Workout Wednesday, before school on the field

2/8-Art in Residence, 5th, 4th, Upper SDC

2/8-Preschool Education Night, 5:30-6:30 pm

2/9-Rainforest Animals Assembly, 8:30 am

2/12-NO SCHOOL, Lincoln's Birthday

2/14-WorkOut Wednesday, before school on the field

2/15-ELAC Meeting, 5-6 pm

2/19-NO SCHOOL, President's Day

2/21-Workout Wednesday, before school on the field

2/22-2/23- MINIMUM DAYS, release at 1 pm

2/23-Spirit Day, Camping Themed!

Community Corner

Please follow this link to see district approved community fliers (sports, art, clubs, etc.). Select "all district" to see activities in SLO, LO, and MB. If you would like to submit a flier for distribution, you can do so at the bottom of the page.

Open Enrollment

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the time period during which families may request their child attend a school other than their home school. While we hope you are happy at Baywood, we understand that sometimes, for a variety of reasons, families are better served by their child attending another school due to transportation needs, child care or other circumstances. If this is your situation, come to our office between the dates listed above to complete the request paperwork. Do not miss this important deadline.

How do I Register an Incoming PreSchooler or Incoming Kindergartner?

Come into our office starting March 6 for the paperwork & information. Incoming Kindergartners must be five years old on or before September 1, 2018. Transitional Kindergartners must be five on or before December 2, 2018. Preschool students must be four by December 2, 2018. Preschool qualification is income based so we will need a form of income verification when you fill out an application. If you have a friend or neighbor with a child this age, please help us get the word out about these important dates!

What if I already have a child at Baywood, how do I Register them for the Next School Year?

You will receive InfoSnap online registration info in the Spring and will attend our Registration Day at the end of Summer. We will be sharing that important date with you soon!

If you have any questions about registration, please stop by our office or call 534-2856.

Baywood's Valentine Policy

Thank you to our Baywood room parents and teaching staff who have been doing an excellent job of implementing our District’s Wellness policy this year during our classroom parties! Students are being given the opportunity to make wise food choices during class celebrations!

Several of our classes participate in the exchange of Valentine’s cards with their classmates. We will continue to do this, but ask that NO FOOD ITEMS be added to the cards. This is both in compliance with our District’s Wellness Policy, as well as in support of the numerous students we have at Baywood with food allergies.

If your child would like to add a little gift to their Valentine’s card, here are some ideas that were given out by our PTA: Stickers, pencil, eraser, book mark.

We love our Baywood volunteers!

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Lannaiah Zales and Amy Anderson help with out annual dental screening

Frequent Rider/Walker Challenge

Baywood students are continuing to make the active and healthy choice to walk or ride to school this month, participating in our frequent walker/rider punch card program. Many students have already earned prizes at 5 and 10 hole punches! Keep up the great work, being healthy as you travel to and from school. Continue to earn hole punches towards prizes!

From your Librarian Ms. Nelson

On Thursday, January 25th, we celebrated Go Paint Day with the artist behind Off The Wall Custom Creations. Tommy shared with us how he creates his art by demonstrating his spray painting skills

I would like to congratulate the following Time Travelers for qualifying in the Battle of the Books:

Adrina Asuncion

Elsey Ruane

Keep up the reading for Battle of The Books!


Ms. Nelson

Digital Citizenship

Common Sense On Cyberbullying

What's the issue?

Spreading rumors and bullying is nothing new, kids have always found ways to be cruel to one another, but computers, cell phones and digital technologies make bullying easier and more common. Kids now use their cell phones and computers to hurt, humiliate and harass each other. Cyberbullying is defined as repeatedly sending or posting harmful or mean messages, images or videos about someone else using the internet, cell phones or other digital technologies. Kids may call each other names, say nasty things about one another, threaten each other, or make others feel uncomfortable or scared.

Although cyberbullying is typically associated with tweens and teens, more cases are now being reported with younger children. Younger kids may bully to get attention, because they think it will make them popular or because they want to look tough and make others afraid of them. Because it happens online it can easily go undetected by parents and teachers. Cyberbullying can be constant, inescapable, and very public. It can happen anytime - at school or at home - and can involve large groups of kids. Being anonymous and the desire to be seen as "cool" can cause a kid who normally wouldn't say anything mean face to face to show off to other kids by cyberbullying someone.

Why Does It Matter?

Younger kids are starting to use online communications and at the same time they are exploring ways to test other people's reactions. Kids who send a mean message might not fully understand how another person might react to that message. What's more, hurtful information posted on the internet is extremely difficult to prevent or remove, and anyone can see it. Imagine being publicly humiliated in front of everyone you know. This behavior usually happens when adults aren't around, so parents and teachers often see only the anxiety or depression that results from their kids being hurt or bullied. Parent can help by becoming aware of the issue, learning to identify the warning signs of bullying, and helping kids to understand how to be respectful to others online.

For strategies on how families can come together and communicate about cyberbullying click here.

From Your PTA

The next PTA meeting will be on March 1 at 6pm

Box Tops

Get your Box Tops in By February 21st! The class with the most Box Tops turned in by this date will be awarded a pizza party. Good luck and we'll announce the winner as soon as all of the Box Tops are counted.