By Axel Angulo

Early life

-Hernando soto was born in Jerez de Los Caballeros,Spain in 1496. He lived with a noble but poor family. after many years later a generous patron named Pedro Arias Davila funded Hernando´s education at the university of slamanca. His family hoped he will become a lawyer but he decided to told his family that he would rather be an explorer and explore the west indies.

-The young Hernando was invited to join Davila ,Gobernor of Darien, on his expedition to the west indies in 1524. Hernando was appointed captian of cavlary exploration troop. He quickly proved his worth as an explorer and trader, reaping large profits through his bold and trading with the natives.

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Conquest of peru

In 1532, Hernando de soto was second in comand in Francisco pizarro´s expedition to explore and conquer peru. While exploring the country´s highlands De soto found a road tha lead in Cuzco, The capital of Peru´s Inca empire In 1533 Hernando played a very importantrole organizing the conquest of Peru and also he was fundamental in a succesful battle to capture Cuzco.In 1536 After The conquest of peru Hernando de Soto returned to spain as a wealthy man. With a fortune of no less than 18,000 ounces of gold, He get Married and settled in seville,spain
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Exploring North America

Hernando hear stories about Cabeza de vaca´s exploration of Florida and the Gulf Coast States. Entoice by the riches and fertile soil Cabeza De Vaca founded De soto sold many of his belongings and used the money to an expedition to North America. He assembled a fleet with 10 ships and 700 men. On April 6, 1538 De Soto and His fleet stopped in cuba, While there they helped the city of Havanna recover from the french attack. By may , 1539 De Soto landed in Tampa bay For the next 3 years he explored teh southeastern United states. In alabama De soto encountered the worst battle yet againts indians in tuscaloosa. Victorious he headed westaward discovering the Mississippi River. In fact it was the first time europeans traveled via the mississippi river.


After crossing the mississippi river he get sickk with fever . He died in may 21,1542 of fever in louisiana. Members of his crew sank him in the river he discovered, De soto named Luis Moscoso as new leader