Terry Fox


Terry Fox was a good leader,he had cancer. But that wasn’t all that Terry was he was an amazing athlete In 1981, Terry decided to complete the Marathon of Hope. The Hope Stood for his fight against cancer as well as the hope of thousands of other cancer patients.he had the determination to keep going even tho he only run with one leg.

What was the person involved in that made them a leader

He has determine to change and stand up for the right and helps the others that he might or might not know. Also Terry Fox was a national hero who has inspired many other Canadians and taught us about cancer and he had a good leadership because he inspired people to run and raise money for cancer.

What actions did the individual take to show leadership

Terry Fox had show a lot of determination,inspiration, courageous, initiative. It takes a lots of courage to run across Canada with one leg and raise money.He has initiative to decided all by himself,he was raise money by running.He inspired people to run and raise money for cancer every years.

Which three leadership traits did they apply

Courage is not the absence of fear-it's inspiring others to move beyond it - Terry Fox he didn't finished his run instead, he share his passion for hope and desire to make a difference.

Lead from the front-but don't leave your base behind - Terry fox by starting in Newfoundland, he trekked his way across Canada, by running on one leg,to promote cancer awareness and hope.His followers would then transform his vision by running every year and raise money for the cancer.

Appearances matter-and remember to smile - Terry Fox has a face with brave smile, the smile gives people full of hope.

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Terry Fox has gone through many tough things in his life and even tho Terry Fox didn't get to finish his run,but he still is a good leader and hero, and for every year many people run and raised money for the cancer.